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This blog is the architectural, climate change, writings and podcasts about sustainability of the architecture company HANSconstruction.

Bu blog HANSconstruction adlı mimarlık firmasının mimarlık, iklim değişikliği, sürdürülebilirlik hakkındaki yazıları ve podcastleridir.

About of HANSconstruction

It is a company established in 2020 by an architect and an engineer to design and implement new technologies with architectural design. The company partners have gained many years of experience in the sector and wanted to pour their experience into their own production. Today, HANSconstruction provides services mainly in the field of villa design and application with its wide customer portfolio in Turkey, the USA, France, Germany and Dubai countries. Considering the sustainable future in its projects, HANSconstruction aims to provide services in the status of smart building and green building in all its projects.

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